About Lonnen

My name is Chris Lonnen, though I rarely use my first name. Sometimes I write about stuff and need a place to put it. Sometimes that place is here.

I manage a bunch of engineers at Mozilla, where I’ve been on paid staff since 2011 and was a volunteer for a while before that. I work with our privacy, security, and public policy groups, own some of our infrastructure, and manage teams building internal and external services. In the past I’ve worked on a number of telemetry systems, build and infrastructure tooling, a pair of wikis, and some user facing services – from hundreds of TBs in a data warehouse to near-real-time systems, including the highest traffic web properties at Mozilla.

Before Mozilla I was consulting and contracting. Significantly, I worked on the Processing programming language and editing environment, and its sibling project Processing.js.

Outside of tech I’ve been a research scientist in biology and mathematics, gym owner, co-founder of a recording studio, first responder, and other odd jobs.

I can be found a few places around the internet:

…and there may be other, secret, names of mine that you do not know yet.

If you need it, my public key is: 89FF CF4D 9348 5687 EB60 D46A F1E2 21EA D41C C35A

About XOR

XOR has existed in one form or another since 2005. Details of the current iteration: